I’m often asked why I joined a DevRel organization. Why am I a Developer Advocate?

When I think of the role, Developer Advocate, I think of it being the CTO for a project or product.

As a Developer Advocate (CTO) my job is to understand the big picture and leverage my technical abilities to help deliver working solutions.

A Developer Advocate (CTO) must work across departments including Sales, Product, and Engineering to form a customer driven feedback loop.

A Developer Advocate (CTO) works with C level executives to explain the business value, and can jump on a whiteboard with their engineers.

A Developer Advocate (CTO) listens.

A Developer Advocate (CTO) recognizes patterns across customer conversations and distills them into actionable items the team can deliver.

A Developer Advocate (CTO) tracks key issues, does what they can to fix them, then follows up with the customer. This is the feedback loop.

A Developer Advocate (CTO) is not a lone wolf and relies on a strong Product and Engineering team to execute; completing the feedback loop.

A Developer Advocate (CTO) is not an alias for Public Speaker. We give talks to share a vision; and perfect it.

If you haven’t caught on yet, there is no limit to what a Developer Advocate (CTO) can do. Don’t let your job title limit your impact.

~ @kelseyhightower