Image Render Options


Key Type Mapped Flag
cache_dir string --cache-dir
cookie []object [1] --cookie
crop_h int --crop-h
crop_w int --crop-w
crop_x int --crop-x
crop_y int --crop-y
custom_header []object [2] --custom-header
custom_header_propagation bool --custom-header-propagation/--no-custom-header-propagation
debug_javascript bool --debug-javascript/--no-debug-javascript
encoding string --encoding
format string --format
height int --height
images bool --images/--no-images
javascript bool --disable-javascript/--enable-javascript
javascript_delay int --javascript-delay
load_error_handling string --load-error-handling
load_media_error_handling string --load-media-error-handling
minimum_font_size int --minimum-font-size
password string --password
quality int --quality
smart_width bool --disable-smart-width/--enable-smart-width
stop_slow_scripts bool --stop-slow-scripts/--no-stop-slow-scripts
transparent bool --transparent
use_xserver bool --use-xserver
username string --username
width int --width
zoom float --zoom


Key Type Description
url string URL to use as a source for the render