Job descriptions make developers out to be even more legendary — requesting 10 years of experience in a platform that has only been around for 5 or listing every language ever used expecting expert knowledge in all of them. It’s not realistic, but to a certain degree it is expected, and it’s that expectation that makes a developer’s job interesting and inherently challenging. The only predictable thing about our work is that it’s not. No amount of education can prepare you for this universal truth, it can only be understood by doing.

~ Benjamin Bojko, Senior Technologist @ Big Spaceship

  1. I’ve been on a Pastry Project binge. Even the previous article is/was a pastry.
  2. Anyway … I found this particlularly relevant (to a personal level). Being … (1) a developer, (2) the backend guy at Waabeh and (3) having a applied for a couple developer roles … I have found myself, on more than one occassion, expressing the same sentiments (albeit with less clarity).