Now, I love being on the bleeding edge, but I realized, that continuous innovation can distract from reflection and living in the present. Have you ever done this? You are talking with a friend or acquaintance and all of a sudden there is a lull in the conversation, an awkward silence, and instead of redirecting with a question, you pull out your smart phone and check twitter and update your status? I have done this social faux pas innumerable times. Or in moments where you used to have uninterrupted silence, do you find yourself pulling out your phone to check your RSS feeds or play a game? Yep, guilty.


With reality television and overnight internet success stories, we all desire to be known, to be famous, but fame is a deplorable desire. Fame is a replacement for affirmation we should be receiving from God, it is a short- term placebo. A narcissistic pill that feeds an addiction, as one cannot shut off the spigot of nourishing flattery derived from social media and expect to be triumphant over the fear, the horror, of not being heard. In our struggle to be discovered by the masses we forget to listen. It is a dichotomous life. Drowning in the noise with our fingers on the drain, we lack the discipline to unplug.

To be clear, social media is not to blame for our inattention to the voice of God, as it is just a medium that has the capacity to distract. Just as the story of Elijah suggests, there are countless awe-inspiring diversions keeping us from the stillness of silence and solitude. If you feel technology has overrun your life, disconnecting you from God and those around you, the solution is simple: each piece of technology has a switch, a on/off button that controls the flow. And in turning off our devices we can change our perspective, no longer controlled by technology, we find time to be creative for His purpose and to connect with others in meaningful conversation — a body of believers striving to bring the Kingdom of God to those around us utilizing any medium necessary — sometimes we may even use twitter.

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