There is a small issue that causes HTTPUrlConnection to hang when trying to retrieve the response code via getResponseCode() after which an Exception is thrown.

In my case I was authenticating against an oAuth Server and expecting a 401 error. As per RFC2617:

The 401 (Unauthorized) response message is used by an origin server to challenge the authorization of a user agent. This response MUST include a WWW-Authenticate header field containing at least one challenge applicable to the requested resource.

Which simply means the response must include the WWW-Authenticate header set without which the method throws No authentication challenges found.

header('WWW-Authenticate: OAuth realm="users"');
header('HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized');

So far, this is normal and expected.

On Android, the lack of “” wrapping on realm caused the app to hang at the getResponseCode() attempt, therefore crashing the app … so use this realm="..." instead of realm=... if you own the server-side API.

Looking at the spec they seem to imply that the values should be in quotes … but its not 100% clear.

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