Build tags as a result of a conditional, not in conditional results

An example using conditional filter expressions that have multiple conditional paths. Here is a simple conditional that can quickly become a drain on performance because of the order of parsing;


When MODX parses this tag, each of the tags contained in the then and the else conditional paths are parsed, The *field tag itself is parsed and finally, the conditional filter is applied. In other words, regardless of the result of your conditional comparison, everything in both conditional paths is executed recursively to it’s logical end!

How big of an unnecessary burden this becomes depends entirely on the nature of the tags involved. But you can see how it can quickly get out of control when many conditionals are involved.

The brilliantly simple way to avoid this problem? Just return what’s between the MODX tags and have the result of your conditional build what is going to be parsed next by MODX.


MODX shouldn’t take your tags and run with them when embedded as results in conditional paths. Make it wait until you’ve evaluated your condition to do anything about it.

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