According to the official site:

Haste is the prettiest, easiest to use pastebin ever made.

Download the source and expand it.

Install the Node.js Package Manager using Homebrew (for Mac OS), like so …

$ brew install npm

Different OS have different package managers, use whatever works for you. For example … for Debian based distro’s you’d probably use apt-get install npm and for RPM based distro’s would use yum install npm and so on.

While in the expanded directory install all the required dependencies:

$ npm install

Set the configuration. In my case I didn’t want to use Redis as my data store and opted to use the filesystem instead, saving the data in APP_ROOT/data/. Note the storage: attribute.

  "host": "",
  "port": 7777,
  "keyLength": 10,
  "maxLength": 400000,
  "staticMaxAge": 86400,
  "recompressStaticAssets": true,
  "logging": [
      "level": "verbose",
      "type": "Console",
      "colorize": true
  "keyGenerator": {
    "type": "phonetic"
  "storage": {
    "path": "./data",
    "type": "file"
  "documents": {
    "about": "./"

Then start the server:

$ npm start

Server should now be running on

The above example shows a local deployment, if you want to set up the server in a publicly accessible (via a network or the internet) … just change the host and port accordingly.

  "host": "",
  "port": 80

Server should now be running on since port 80 is usually the default port.

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